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A cargo claim is a written complaint demanding financial compensation from Atlas Air Inc. for loss of, damage or
delay to cargo whilst in care and control pursuant to a contract of carriage.

In the case of damage or delay, the person entitled to delivery must complain to Atlas Air Inc. within the time lines stated below. If no complaint is made within the times indicated below, then no action can be brought against Atlas Air Inc.

No. Claim Type Description Time Limit
1 Loss. Loss of whole consignment. 120 days from the AWB issuing date.
2 Damage. To consignment whole or in part. 14 days from receiving consignment.
3 Partial Loss. Loss of part of the consignment. 14 days from receiving consignment.
4 Delay. To complete consignment or part of it 21 days from the placing date.
5 Pilferage. To consignment whole or in part 14 days from receiving consignment.

If a preliminary claim was not submitted through our e-Claims portal, then a copy of the official complaint made to Atlas Air must be uploaded into your formal claim file. Also an official claim from the person entitled to delivery must also be uploaded.

The following lists documentation that may be required and should also be uploaded into your formal claim file if available.

  • Claim type: total loss, partial loss, damage or delay
  • Mishandled weight and pieces
  • Claimed amount
  • Commercial Invoices (highlighting the mishandled goods only in the invoices)
  • Packing List (highlighting the mishandled goods only)
  • Customs Report (if available)
  • Proof of delivery (POD) (if available), not required for total loss claims
  • Subrogation letter (in case claimant is not the shipper or consignee) and it should be on an official company letter head, stamped and signed by an authorized person.
  • Proof of contract: Copy of the master air waybill and house air waybill
  • Detailed statement of Claim fully describing details of loss/damage
  • Proof of mitigation of loss: Salvage receipts or repair invoices
  • Dump certificate proving cargo was destroyed as per local, state or governmental regulations. If a shipment is destroyed a letter from the claimant is required indicating why the cargo could not be used, repaired or salvaged
  • Cargo survey: Performed by a licensed Marine Surveyor (if available)

You may also use one of the following channels:

  • Dave Suhajda
  • 2000 Westchester Avenue Purchase, New York 10577
  • The nearest Atlas Air Inc. office.
  • +1 310 730 7122
  • +1 310 703 4211 (LAX)
  • +1 914 697 5092

Please note that the calculation of the time limit will be based on the date of receipt of your request and not the letter date.
In order for you to reserve your right to claim for two years, we advise you to submit your intention to claim letter immediately after discovering the damaged, missing or delayed shipment.